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KBS: Find out how to use it.

Botox blocks a nerve receptor to stop a muscle from getting bigger. This stops the muscle from getting smaller. It stops the muscle that moves when you smile or frown from moving (like squinting or smiling). The FDA has only cleared it to be put on the forehead and the outer canthus of the eyes, though. It works to stop underarm sweating and headaches that don’t go away.

KBS: Find out where it stops.

What came out of KBS Botox and fillers is not the same. The drug’s brand name is Botox, but most people call it “Botox” (botulinum toxin). Temporary smoothing of wrinkles and creases can be achieved with Botulinum toxin injections into the facial muscles responsible for their formation. Dermal fillers like Bellast Ultra PlusElravie Premiere DeepRevolax Deep, and more are also available at KBS to help wrinkles and folds. 

A word of caution: be careful following treatments

In the hours following a Botox treatment, what is the one thing you shouldn’t do? Do not engage in any form of exercise for at least 24 hours following your scheduled appointment. Yoga exercises such as the downward dog, where the practitioner brings their head to their chest, can cause the KBS Botox to move out of its intended site. The same holds for any cardio, which, like injections, may cause the proteins to be rebalanced before they’ve been properly absorbed.

Learn what you can do.

Should you not be ready for Botox just yet, acecosm offers a variety of options, from retinol to lasers (or maybe never will be). You could come to terms with the aging process. Do whatever makes you feel the surest of yourself. 

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