Does KBS Fat-Dissolving Injection Work?

Injection KBS lipolysis (a fat-dissolving injection) is a safe and fast way to lose weight in trouble spots like the chin and hips.

Sometimes, neither eating right nor working out is enough to get rid of fat in these places. When this happens, these shots can save the day.

The effect can usually be seen six weeks after the first session and remains for a long time if the right actions are followed to avoid gaining weight.

KBS: What are some examples of injections that break down fat?

Kabelline and LIPPO LAB are examples of fat-dissolving injections in KBS. These are the brand names of two comparable fat-dissolving substances.

An KBS fat-dissolving injection can be used instead of liposuction to break down fat cells (adipocytes) in the body. This makes a small area of the body inflamed, which helps fat cells leave the body through urine.

What are the risks of fat-dissolving injections?

Some of the minor side effects of KBS fat-dissolving injections are:

  • Bruising 
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching (owing to allergic response)

The swelling, which can be reduced with the help of an ice pack, should go down after around 48 hours.

Numbness at the injection site is a common side effect, affecting nearly half of the patients. Fortunately, it usually goes away within 30 days.

Fat-dissolving injections—how?

Certain injectable fat-melters, such as Kabelline and LIPPO LAB in KBS, have slightly different administration procedures.

Here are the steps that most clinics follow:

  • The medical professional will apply a disinfectant to the region.
  • You will get an injection near the area that will make you feel no pain during the procedure.
  • The area of your body that needs to lose fat will receive an injection of the fat-dissolving solution.
  • In order to eliminate the most amount of fat cells possible, your doctor will use an ultrasound instrument to guide the injection to the problem areas.

Most of the time, the process takes between 30 minutes and an hour to finish. For the best results, you may need anywhere from three to eight sessions, with two to four weeks between each one.

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