How Should You Prepare for Filler Injections?

Among today’s many cosmetic procedures, kbs injectable dermal fillers rank high in popularity and frequency of use. Filler injections are a popular way for millions of men and women to restore a youthful appearance, emphasize particular facial features, and achieve a more symmetrical and harmonious facial aesthetic. Even though dermal filler injections are common, patients should know what to expect before, during, and after treatment.

KBS: Dermal fillers—what are they?

Cosmetic fillers, also known as kbs dermal fillers, are injectable treatments for restoring volume and contour to the face and reducing the appearance of many telltale indications of aging that manifest in the face.

  • Skin creases and lines
  • Facial folds
  • Weak cheeks
  • eye hollows
  • Small lips

Do you need to do anything before I get fillers?

Thankfully, filler injections are safe and effective enough that most men and women can get them without making any significant lifestyle adjustments. But there are some things you can do before getting filler injections that will make you feel better and improve how they work. Some ways to get ready for KBS dermal filler injections are:

  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Be as sober as possible.
  • Don’t take Ibuprofen or certain supplements that thin the blood.
  • Stop using any and all skin care products containing retinol 
  • Stay out of the sun, don’t use exfoliants, and don’t pick your eyebrows.

If you get filler injections, will you look normal?

Most people can return to their normal lives immediately after getting filler injections, though they may bruise or swell. Using a cold compress, taking over-the-counter drugs as prescribed, and taking specific supplements can all help reduce post-filler injection bruising and swelling because of the potential for bumps and lumps following filler injections. It’s best to avoid touching the region frequently or vigorously for a while. While a gentle massage may help, your KBS fillers should relax and settle on their own after 10 to 14 days. After this period, the patient can continue to enjoy their new, more youthful appearance without needing further filler injections for at least a year. KBS is the place where you can get the most out of these dermal fillers.

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