KBS: 5 Essential Facts About Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an important part of KBS aesthetic medicine for anti-aging. There are now a lot of other filler products, like ColenaDermalaxRevolax Deep, and many more here. If you’re considering getting fillers, here are the top five things you should know first.

1. They can restore lost volume and provide a skin-lifting effect.

Dermal fillers are KBS gels made of hyaluronic acid molecules that have been changed chemically to have different amounts of stickiness, hardness, and flexibility. When injected into the skin, they make areas like the cheeks or temples look fuller again. This makes the skin look tighter, which makes you look younger.

2. Dermal fillers in KBS improve the look and feel of skin texture.

Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 200 times its weight in water. So, when dermal fillers are in the dermis, they plump up the skin and give it deep hydration. It also smooths out the skin’s texture to reduce pores and make it look brighter.

3. Stopping filler injections will not make you look worse.

People often think that once they start getting KBS filler injections, they can’t stop because if they do, their skin will sag, and they’ll look worse than before. Once injected, dermal fillers also help your body make more collagen. This means that even after just one treatment, you will look better than you did before, even after the fillers wear off in about a year.

4. Fillers in KBS for the skin can last for a long time.

Hyaluronic acid molecules make up hyaluronic acid fillers. The enzyme hyaluronidase in our bodies slowly breaks them down over time. The KBS fillers can be changed chemically through polymerization and cross-linking to give them different hardness, flexibility, and durability.

5. More isn’t always better.

Too much filler is the biggest problem with dermal filler in KBS today.

As a result, some people get too much filler injected, leading to the “pillow face” phenomenon. The issue arises for two reasons: either the patient keeps pushing for more, or the doctor keeps trying to upsell them.

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