KBS: How does mesotherapy work?

We tell the difference between the KBS single-pulse and napping modes when injecting substances that help the skin or hair grow back. Low-dose injections are introduced at regular intervals of around 1 cm in the single-pulse mode. The active chemicals will remain in the skin longer if the injection is at a deeper level.

Nap time comes just after the single-pulse mode. While with a sewing machine, the treatment region is run under the needle as an even more minute dose is delivered. This method is similar to needling because it sets lesions (mini-injuries) to provide an extra effect. Together, they create the best possible order for administering therapies.

KBS: The question is, “How often?”

The low level of intervention (very least invasive) entails continuing treatment until you reach the target improvement. As a general rule, the eight sessions should be done at longer intervals. Sessions 1–4 should happen every week or every two weeks, and sessions 5–8 should happen every month.

In what way?

Use the proper equipment to perform the procedure as swiftly and painlessly as necessary to increase patient satisfaction and productivity.

Until when?

Repeating the therapy at greater maintenance intervals of 3-6 months is important for the preventative treatments to be effective and to ensure long-term results.

Whom does it fit?

Unlike treatments like KBS botulinum toxin or KBS dermal fillers, this regenerative method doesn’t lead to changes right away. Patients who want to get better quickly should choose other, more invasive procedures. But mesotherapy works very well for people who want to heal gently, with a regenerative effect, and in a more holistic way, and who are willing to go through a longer therapy period until changes are seen.

KBS: Mesotherapy is a way of treating skin problems.

At this point, it’s important to note that mesotherapy isn’t just for “when the child has already asleep in the well.” It also has many potential ways to prevent the problems we’ve discussed.

In this way, it’s a great way to start learning about art and beauty. If you are younger, KBS mesotherapy can help you work on your looks slowly. For now, mesotherapy products could aid you in your looks and way to beauty.

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