KBS: Post-thread lift dos and don’ts

An KBS PDO thread lift is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment that instantly lifts and tightens the skin. As time goes on, it promotes neovascularization, a beauty-enhancing process.

What shouldn’t you do after getting a thread lift?

If you want your PDO thread lift to last as long as possible, there are a few things you should never do again. Facials, facial massages, sleeping on your belly or side, alcohol consumption, extreme expressions of emotion, and makeup are all examples.

Body Positions While Sleeping: Stomach and Side Sleeping

Applying too much force to the treated area is among the most damaging things you can do after getting a thread lift. In the first five nights after treatment, sleeping on your stomach or side can cause swelling, distress, bruising, and less-than-ideal outcomes.

Before beginning treatment, it’s recommended that patients who typically sleep on their side or stomach or toss and turn throughout the night get used to sleeping on their back. If you have trouble staying on your back even after finding a cozy position, sleeping in a recliner may help you avoid sleeping on your side after treatment. You could also make a bed fort out of towels if you prefer.

Wearing Makeup

During the first 12 hours following treatment, it’s best to forego cosmetics for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you’ll notice that your skin is extra delicate in the hours immediately following your treatment. You should avoid using makeup, even if it only causes mild irritation.

A secondary consideration is allowing your skin to breathe during the initial post-treatment period of 12 hours. Cosmetics can make your skin dry out. Lastly, when most women take off their makeup, they put great pressure on their skin. Don’t put your face through the extra stress of makeup for at least 12 hours after treatment.

KBS: Getting facials and massages for the face

For the first ten days following treatment, it is best to refrain from getting facial massages or facials. Face massages should be avoided because they could put too much pressure on the area being treated. This makes it less likely that the threads will get swollen, bruised, or pulled out of place.

The same logic that says you shouldn’t put on makeup also applies to getting a facial. The treatment area may be under too much pressure during a facial. Some facials use harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation in the days following the treatment.

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