Dermalax Implant Plus


Composition: HA 20mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%
Application part: Facial Wrinkles
Volume: 1.1 ml
Duration: 12 months
Shelf life: 24 months
Packing: 2syringe, 4 x 25g needles
Storage: 2~25°C

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DERMALAX IMPLANT is a monophasic hyaluronic acid dermal filler with 0.3% lidocaine for painless injection. Hyaluronic acid used is derived from a non-animal-based source, and is 100% biocompatible and biodegradable.

DERMALAX IMPLANT hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected into the deep subcutaneous layer of the skin with a needle size of 25G. it is utilized for the correction of laugh lines, deep folds, and wrinkles, to contour lips, nose, check, chin, forehead, and breasts augmentation, and to get rid of lines in the forehead zone.

DERMALAX IMPLANT is also used to contour and remodel the face, as lip filler, and for restoring volume in different areas of the face. This face sculpting dermal filler creates no side effects and discomfort for patients.

DERMALAX IMPLANT dermal filler is ideal for treating nasolabial folds, laughter lines, deep lines, folds, and wrinkles. This dermal filler is used for lip, cheek, chin, nose, and breast augmentation.

DERMALAX IMPLANT lasts up to 12 months depending on factors like age and lifestyle of the individual. It is 100% free of toxic chemicals, stabilizers, additives, and GMOs making this dermal filler a safe choice.

DERMALAX IMPLANT dermal filler contains cross-linked highly pure and stable hyaluronic acid which resembles the hyaluronic acid present in the body so enzymes can easily break it over time and it gets dissolved in the body.

DERMALAX IMPLANT PLUS keeps skin moisturized, and stimulates collagen and elastin production, rejuvenating skin, and regenerating skin cells. It has a soft extrusion force, ensures uniform application, and has a visible volumizing effect.

Does not give that frozen face effect but provided a natural-looking appearance.

Get that sculpted face without having to go under the knife!


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