Neo pro 450g (Lidocaine 2.5% + Prilocaine 2.5%)

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If you’ve ever used a local anaesthetic skin-numbing cream, you’ve probably heard of lidocaine, which is the active ingredient in almost all of them. Lidocaine is quite effective and has the advantage of providing pain relief quickly.


Neo Pro skin-numbing cream operates by blocking sodium channels preventing pain signals from being sent by the nerves that supply sensation to the skin.

  • Neo Pro Numbing cream is often used for filler and thread treatment. It can be used to relieve current pain or in anticipation of future pain.
  • Numbing cream can be used to relieve pain from cosmetic or tattoo operations such as dermabrasion, Botox, filler injections, and laser procedures since it desensitizes the skin to discomfort.
  • To reduce the amount of pain experienced during hair removal methods such as waxing or laser hair removal.
  • This local anaesthetic cream can be used before cosmetic procedures like getting a Botox injection, skin grafting, laser treatment, or a tattoo.
  • Lidocaine topical is applied to reduce pain caused by skin irritations such as sunburn insect bites, poison ivy, minor cuts, scratches, or burns.

How to Use

  • To numb the skin, use the tiniest amount of cream possible.
  • Applying numbing cream to a big area of skin should be avoided.
  • Use numbing cream sparingly on sensitive skin areas (such as the lips).
  • Heat should not be applied to the area where the numbing cream has been applied.


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