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2ml x 5 vials

Daewoong Pharmaceutical has launched V-OLET (deoxycholic acid), an injectable agent to reduce excess jaw fat. V-OLET is indicated to reduce excessive jaw fat and improve protruded lower jaw in adults. In a Phase 3 clinical study in Korea, the product demonstrated safety and efficacy with 71.6 percent of the subjects showing improvement in jaw fat at week 12.  Deoxycholic acid, the main ingredient of V-OLET, is characterized by irreversible adipocytolysis, which is different from the mechanisms of other contour medical procedures that temporarily reduce the size of fat. Daewoong said that additional effects of improving skin elasticity can also be expected, such as inducing the neocollagenesis that occurs in the human body as a natural component of wound re- pair.
The fat under the chin can be caused by aging, weight gain, or heredity. It gives the impression of dull and old appearances if it develops excessively, but diet and exercise alone cannot solve it.


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